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Marine Minerals Nutrition Platform

The application of marine minerals on the basis of seaweed in the animal feed business is now a scientifically recognised pathway to help global agriculture to meet its sustainability goals. As a market leader in this area the Cork based company Celtic Sea Minerals have been at the forefront of this research. It’s about time to communicate our companies commitment on full circle sustainability, and share the true science on marine minreals.

The company is member of the Marigot Group for which at it’s core business involves the identification and development of naturally derived ingredients for the enhancement of human, animal and plant health. Since the company was formed in 1993 Celtic Sea Minerals have published fifty peer reviewed papers in high end scientific journals, such as Journal of Dairy Science.

The company executed another sixty research projects specific to the brand leading product Acid Buf. To further communicate and share our knowhow and scientific insights we have developed a new communication platform.

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Win for agriculture and the environment

As Michael Ryan CEO since 1993 explains “Indeed we have recognised that we need to communicate our Companies commitment to science and full circle sustainability. On the product application side, the science for marine minerals shows significant benefits in Feed Conversion Efficiency across ruminant and monogastric species. Further independent research from the University of Western Australia showed a reduction in methane production of 28% when

Acid Buf
was fed as part of a rumen control experiment. We have independently demonstrated a win for agriculture and the environment”.

“Our mission is to help animal feed producers, integrators and farmers to feed a growing population in a more natural, ethical and sustainable way” added Ryan.

Celtic Sea Minerals Michael Ryan

Michael Ryan, managing director

Science based Nutritional Solutions

Lithothamnium calcareum is a small red seaweed. This particlular seaweed rapidly absorbs minerals and nutrients from the seawater. It eventually grows into a hard and brittle coral-like structure and is deposited on the seabed where harvesting occurs.

“We believe the only way to deliver to the highest quality standards is to control every step of the prodcution process. This is exactly what we do, starting at the source, we have exclusive access to unique Lithothamnium calcareum deposits of the coast of Iceland. 

As we have develped the science we have become very aware that the source of the lithothamnium is very important. It appears that deposits grown in warmer waters are completely different in how they behave in a animal feeding situation”, Ryan explains.

The new platform will keep the animal feed business updated about the science based nutritional solutions offered by Celtic Sea Minerals for ruminants, pigs and poultry nutrition. This offers the opportunity to learn about the real and significant sciene behind our unique mix of marine minerals and how these can be used effectively in livestock nutrition.

Biotechnology Centre

With the biotechnology centre, Celtic Sea Minerals aim to serve animal feed producers across the globe with strategic insights to stay one step ahead. As Michael Ryan explains: “We have recognised the need to develop and enhance our seaweed application technologies. For example as we have delved deeper in to the research we have became very aware that the science of our brand leading product

Acid Buf
is not just limited to its buffering effects but we have also identifed some very interesting and specific positive immune response benefits associated with our material.

Having our own Biotechnolgy Centre will also allow us to better understand the potential applications of our marine minerals. Developing the science enables us to confirm that our range of natural ethical and sustainable nutritional solutions will enhance animal health.”

In summary Celtic Sea Minerals is an animal nutrition company and that builds the science around seaweed nutrition in animal feed on the basis of of its unique source of Lithothamnium calcareum. “Our message message to the industry is that we are powered by science”, says Ryan.

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