Increase your piglets weaned per sow per year

Celtic Sea Minerals presents Prosea which is a unique seaweed formulation with anti-inflammatory bio-actives and marine minerals that have a positive impact on sow and piglet performance and increases the longevity and productive life of sows. Prosea improves sow herd health through reduced systemic inflammation, improved energy status and improved muscle functioning.

Increasing sow output while reducing sow mortality are key parameters for producers who want to see improvements in pig unit performance. Sow mortality has increased in recent years. (National Hog Farmer, 2021). Improving energy (glucose) distribution during gestation and lactation can help to reduce sow and piglet mortality.

Shorter Farrowing Time

Farrowing is a stressful stage for sows. Prosea has been shown to reduce farrowing time and result in a quicker expulsion of the placenta. In addition, Prosea has also been shown to have a calming effect and elected behavioural changes in the sow.


When Prosea is fed to sows, it has been shown to enhance piglet survivability at birth and improve piglet growth, average weaning weight, and litter weight gain at weaning. Prosea also reduces piglet mortality during lactation.


Prosea increases overall sow lifetime productivity. It has a positive effect on P2 measurements and BCS in sows. Prosea has a positive effect on muscle functioning, strengthening the gut barrier and reducing the occurrence of pelvic organ prolapses.

Prosea is a unique seaweed formulation with anti-inflammatory bio-actives and marine minerals. It contains high levels of Calcium and Magnesium as well as the marine bioactives Fucoidan and Laminarin Fucoidan and Laminarin are derived from the brown seaweed Ascophyllum Nodosum and both have immune modulating properties.

Prosea Triple Mode of Action

  1. Prosea reduces inflammation and enhances immunity reducing the inappropriate, systemic inflammatory response and strengthening of the gut barrier. This carries over to the piglets, priming their immune system and leading to a better defense to challenges around weaning.
  2. Prosea improves glucose metabolism by improving glucose uptake in the umbilical cord and placenta and improving overall glucose distribution.
  3. Prosea increases muscle functioning and improves farrowing time and pelvic organ prolapse.

Blend of unique seaweed components

Natural source of minerals

New immune modulating

Prosea should be fed to sows during gestation and lactation and should be formulated into the diet at 0.4%.

Who are Celtic Sea Minerals?

Celtic Sea Minerals is a global leader in natural, marine nutrients with specialist expertise in seaweed. Our nutritional solutions deliver better animal welfare and productivity for livestock producers. We were founded in 1993 and have published over 50 peer reviewed papers in high end scientific journals

We are part of the Marigot Group of companies whose core business involves the production and development of naturally derived marine ingredients for the enhancement of animal and human health. We currently export from Ireland to over 52 countries and source our seaweed from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic

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