Natural Solutions for Future Generations

At Celtic Sea Minerals our mission is to help farmers feed a growing global population in a more natural, ethical and sustainable way.

We deliver on this promise by undertaking the most in-depth scientific approach to discover, prove and deliver unique natural nutritional solutions to today’s key agricultural challenges

About Us

csm-logo00Celtic Sea Minerals have been leading the field globally for over 25 years now. Marine algae grows in the relatively shallow and clear, unpolluted coastal waters of the Atlantic Ocean. Celtic Sea Minerals was established in 1991 and initially sourced algae from the Celtic Sea, off the south-west coast of Ireland, hence the name Celtic Sea Minerals.

Celtic Sea Minerals specialise in the research, sustainable processing, sales and distribution of marine algae products into the global animal production industry. In 1991 harvesting of marine algae began in the Celtic Sea off the west Cork coast and hence the company became known as Celtic Sea Minerals. Today we sell and distribute our products to dairy, beef, pig, and poultry farmers in over 40 countries globally.

Prime Source Approach

Our Experience for your Benefit

At Celtic Sea Minerals we believe the only way to consistently deliver the highest quality product to our customers, is for us to control every step of the process starting at the source. We call this our ‘Prime Source’ approach.

After 25 years, Celtic Sea Minerals know each step of the process intimately in a way that can only come with so many years of doing, questioning and improving. Also, because we don’t outsource or subcontract any of the steps in the process, we are confident nobody can match us when it comes to having the best and most detailed process knowledge.

The Celtic Sea Minerals business has been built on 3 core founding principles:

a foundation in science  |  full circle sustainability  |  commitment to quality


A Foundation in Science

Full Circle Sustainability

Full Circle Sustainability


A Commitment to Quality

A Foundation in Science

Applying Science to Seaweed

foundation-science2Since Celtic Sea Minerals was founded 25 years ago there has been a consistent commitment to investing in science and research in order to further our knowledge of marine algae.



Application of Science

It has constantly been said that Celtic Sea Minerals were one of the first companies to really ‘have applied the science to seaweed’ and really blazed a trail for the furthering of our knowledge of the role that seaweed can play in improving the health of animals, plants and humans.

Research Program

Celtic Sea Minerals invest heavily on an ongoing basis into our own intensive research program. To date this research program has already yielded more than 36 peer reviewed published scientific research papers. Also at any one time the research program can be conducting up to 20 individual research projects.

Knowledge Leader

Rest assured that nobody knows more about marine algae that we work with, than we do and indeed if they know anything it’s most likely because they’ve been reading Celtic Sea Minerals’ own published research papers. It’s this constant thirst for knowledge that has guided the company for the past 25 years and led us in our efforts to innovate and develop new products that provide scientifically proven solutions to today’s key agricultural challenges.


Full Circle Sustainability

Peace of mind for you and our environment


Celtic Sea Minerals are committed to reducing our impact on the environment in which we live. We make each strategic decision with a clear focus on what impact it will have on the environment and what we can do to reduce it. A sustainable approach is not a new thing to Celtic Sea Minerals, it’s been part of our ethos, our operations and our company logo for 25 years now.

Sustainable Harvesting

The harvesting process is heavily regulated and subject to strict local government licencing and auditing. Celtic Sea Minerals only harvest dead plant material and restrict harvesting to only a small number of times per year, to minimise disturbance. Harvesting is carried out via GPS mapping so that no area is harvested more than once.

Carbon Footprint Reduction

As part of our ongoing drive to be as environmentally conscious as possible, Celtic Sea Minerals switched to using renewable sources of energy. By doing this Celtic Sea Minerals have reduced their carbon footprint to just 1% of what it was just 5 years ago.

Renewable Energy Policy

The energy used for the production process is generated by either Geo-thermal energy or Hydro Electric. Both of these sources are completely 100% renewable energy sources.

Efficient Animal Production

Through our scientific research, we have consistently proven that farmers using our products can improve the efficiency of animal production, be that in dairy, beef, poultry or pig production. By producing more food from less feed we are reducing the carbon footprint associated with modern agricultural practices and helping to reduce its impact on the environment.

Supporting Local Communities

Celtic Sea Minerals is keenly aware that we have a duty not only to support the natural environment affecting our business but also the local communities that support our business. Each year Celtic Sea Minerals support various activities that are carried out in the areas we do business. We are keen to give back and support these activities where we can.

Local Sourcing

As Celtic Sea Minerals believes in doing its best to support the local communities around it we source all packaging from local suppliers such as wooden pallets or bags for packaging.

A Commitment to Quality

A Promise You Can Count On

quality-commitmentAligned with our commitment to science and respect for the environment is our commitment to providing only the highest quality products to our customers. This commitment goes beyond vague promises, it involves a commitment to investing in the latest quality and traceability systems and applying these along the entire supply chain from sea bed to customer warehouse to ensure compatibility, trust and peace of mind that our customers can rely on.

Resource Management

We operate a companywide NAV enterprise resource planning system, which combines multiple stage systems; manufacturing, supply chain, customer relations and analytics. It also Collates all stock management and QA information together
Quality Control/ Quality Assurance: Celtic Sea Minerals ensures the quality of its end product through continuous in house analysis and also outsources analysis to independent third party accredited laboratories. This guarantees our products safety and quality from source through to finished product.


As part of our HACCP programme investments are made in training and technology to ensure the quality and consistency of our finished products. Through the use of Microsoft Nav. all products we produce are fully traceable from raw material input through to customer dispatch.

Independent Supervision

Our quality systems are continuously monitored by the relevant state body and we are also accredited to international feed production standards such as FEMAS and GMP B2+
Investment in Technology: Our production facilities have custom built equipment and technology which improves efficiencies, reduces waste and allows a rapid turnaround time from order through to dispatch.

Quality Assurance Accreditation

Along with this Celtic Sea Minerals is fully compliant with the following globally recognised quality assurance schemes:



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