Improving flock performance while reducing production costs and improving animal health

Celtic Sea Minerals presents Celtical which is a unique, sustainable, plant based marine mineral complex.

Reducing production costs and improving animal health which is measured by the Poultry Efficiency Factor (PEF) is a key challenge for poultry producers.

Celtical delivers a high return on investment with an increase in poultry efficiency factor (PEF) of 5.6%.

Meta analysis over 6 studies

Based on six studies, Celtical improves Poultry Efficiency Factor by 5.6%. Two treatments were used: 1) Control, as per industry standard, and 2) Treatment, with reduced calcium level and Celtical inclusion. The Celtical treatment groups were based on the recommendations for Celtical inclusion

Of the PEF, Celtical improved the factors:

Liveability by Bodyweight by FCR by
+1.04% +35g -4.0 points

Total of

19.6 points extra

Celtical is a unique sustainable plant-based marine mineral complex sustainably sourced from seaweeds harvested from the nutrient rich North Atlantic waters. It contains high amounts of marine calcium and magnesium alongside 72 trace minerals. Celtical’s marine minerals are held within a unique polysaccharide complex which reduces its interaction with phosphorus for best health and performance.

Celtical Mode of Action

Celtical removes interactions by reducing calcium interactions. Marine polysaccharide bound marine calcium reduces the negative interaction with available phosphorus, increasing bioavailability of both minerals. With greater bioavailability of calcium and phosphorus, inclusion of calcium can be dropped by 20% with no negative impact on bone strength. This also improves FCR.

Natural source of minerals

Increased bioavailability

Bound in marine polysaccharides

Recommended Inclusion

Add 2.5 kg/ per tonne in all phases. Add 2 kg/per tonne in the finisher phase. Formulate the product into the diet and reduce total calcium levels by 20%.

Who are Celtic Sea Minerals?

Celtic Sea Minerals is a global leader in natural, marine nutrients with specialist expertise in seaweed. Our nutritional solutions deliver better animal welfare and productivity for livestock producers. We were founded in 1993 and have published over 50 peer reviewed papers in high end scientific journals

We are part of the Marigot Group of companies whose core business involves the production and development of naturally derived marine ingredients for the enhancement of animal and human health. We currently export from Ireland to over 52 countries and source our seaweed from the pristine waters of the North Atlantic

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