Celtic Sea Minerals is an animal nutrition company. We are leading the way in the field of marine minerals derived from the red seaweed algae; Lithothamnium calcareum. For nearly 30 years Celtic Sea Minerals has been powered by science. We are the global experts and have built the scientific foundation.

Our natural marine minerals are used as an animal feed ingredient to support animal health, healthy animal gut function, and improve the performance index for a sustainable animal livestock production for dairy cows, beef cattle, swine, broiler chickens and laying hens. Celtic Sea Minerals creates and develops the global market for marine minerals in animal feed nutrition.

Our scientific fundament is based on over 100 research papers and counting. 50 reports are published in high-end journals, such as the Journal of Dairy Science. The science belongs specific to our products and brands. Our brand leading product is Acid Buf. That is our power of expertise and our foundation in Excellence. We offer nutritional solutions to animal feed producers, farmers and integrators. Nutritional solutions powered by fundamental and applied science.