The blog platform offers animal nutrition insights for animal nutritionists, integrators, farmers and animal feed business. We will make our peer reviewed scientific papers available true this platform. Science published by a.o. Journal of Dairy Science.

With our animal nutrition blog articles we offer the opportunity to learn about the real and significant science behind our marine minerals and product brands. We will share our nutrition insights and the potential impact on animal gut health, livestock performance and sustainability. Stay ahead and learn how our nutritional solutions can be used effectively in animal livestock nutrition for ruminants, pigs and poultry.

The science is specific for our own unique marine minerals. Did you know that our nutritional solutions behave completely different in an animal feeding situation as compared to other sources? Get answers to questions such as: Why do cows need a rumen buffer? What is the rumen function in the ruminant digestive system? How to reduce acidosis and mastitis in cows? How does the pig digestive system work? How to enhance a healthy stomach pH and reduce stomach gastric ulcers? How to improve feed conversion ratio? What about farrowing management for sows and piglets? How to optimise bone mineralisation and enhance the egg laying cycle?