How to improve animal gut health, drive rumen fermentation, stabilise pH in the digestive tract, reduce rumen acidosis in cattle and control stomach gastric ulcers in pigs? Our nutritional solutions are used as animal feed ingredient to support animal health, healthy animal gut function, and sustainable animal livestock production for dairy cows, beef cattle, small ruminants, swine, broiler chickens and egg laying hens.

Celtic Sea Minerals delivers science-based nutritional solutions. We applied the science to seaweed nutrition with products such as Acid Buf, CalMin, ProMin, CeltiCal and CeltiMin. Our fundament is based on over 100 research papers. Fifty of these are peer reviewed and published in high-end journals such as Journal of Dairy Science. This is what we call Gut Excellence. Our mission is to help animal feed producers, integrators and farmers to feed a growing global population in a natural, ethical and sustainable way.

Our products offer an excellent and healthy animal gut function. This is due to the perfect bioavailability of the marine mineral matrix with 74 minerals and trace elements. Hence, animal feed concentrates match the nutritional requirements, and at the same time ensure excellent gut function for a healthy and sustainable animal performance.