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Acid Buf for Rumen Excellence

bioavailable marine minerals for the rumen

Acid Buf is an efficient and effective rumen buffer. It stabilises rumen pH levels over a longer time period. Hence, it reduces the risk for rumen acidosis in cattle. Acid Buf aids a healthy rumen function. In the USA market the product is known as CalMin, and in Canada marketed as ProMin. The products are bioavailable marine minerals to be applied as animal feed ingredient for beef cattle and dairy cows to improve rumen fermentation. Acid Buf provides bioavailable calcium, magnesium and 74 trace minerals. It also supports sustainable animal livestock production, because of improved feed efficiency. Our marine minerals increase milk yield, milk butterfat, and milk solids for dairy cows. Feedlot cattle show higher daily weight gain and better meat parameters. Acid Buf drives rumen efficiency from forage and delivers profitability.

Rumen bioavailable minerals

Acid Buf is derived from marine algae, and a 100% natural animal feed ingredient. It meets the nutrient requirements for nutrition in dairy cows, beef cattle, goat and sheep. Because, the basis is a marine mineral complex with 74 bioavailable trace minerals.

50 peer reviewed scientific publications confirm the value of our marine minerals for excellent cattle nutrition. Such as the multiple publications in The Journal of Dairy Science. Every nutritionist and farmer can benefit by improving animal livestock production in a sustainable, responsible and profitable way.

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Reduce rumen acidosis

The feeding of high concentrate diets to maximise productivity from dairy cows, beef cattle and dairy goats can lead to problems with increasing acid concentrations in the rumen. When the pH drops below 5.5 for extended periods, the rumen is experiencing sub-acute acidosis (SARA). This will impact on the flow of nutrients into the cow and can lead to reduced productivity.

Acid Buf delivers bioavailable minerals to the digestive system of the ruminant. To illustrate, calcium and magnesium are completely solubilised within a broad pH range of the digestive tract. Hence, it’s easy for cattle and small ruminants to digest and convert the feed. 50 peer reviewed scientific publications with our products confirm the value of our marine minerals for excellent animal gut function.

Acid Buf offers nutritional solutions for:

  • long term optimum pH in the rumen
  • healthy rumen function, reduce subclinical rumen acidosis (SARA)
  • optimum mineral requirements in dairy cattle & ruminant nutrition
  • positive energy balance and body condition score during transition
  • stronger bones, healthy joints & better bone integrity

Cattle livestock performance

Optimising nutrient requirements for cattle feed and ensuring a stable and healthy rumen with Acid Buf offers Performance Excellence. Hence, every ruminant during every production stage benefits. 50 peer reviewed scientific publications with our products confirm the value of our marine minerals for higher cattle performance and livestock production in a sustainable, responsible and profitable way.

Acid Buf ensures a smooth transition for dairy cattle from the dry period into lactation. Hence, the dairy cow is able to increase dry matter intake straight from the first day of lactation. The dairy herd increases its productivity per kilo of dry matter intake. Consequently, Acid Buf offers greater milk yield and better milk solids, such as more milk fat and milk protein. Feeding beef cattle with Acid Buf, will increase daily weight gain and improve feed conversion ratio in a sustainable and profitable way. Our science also shows that Acid Buf supports meat quality parameters.

Acid Buf offers nutritional solutions for:

  • greater milk production & better milk solids
  • increased productivity per kilo dry matter intake
  • better feed conversion ratio and higher weight gain for beef cattle
  • the control of mastitis & ketosis in dairy cattle
  • easy to manage cattle livestock

Sustainable cattle nutrition

The world we live in is changing. Animal feed producers assess the environmental impact of their animal feed production. This also demands the same level of commitment from animal feed ingredient suppliers. Acid Buf is truly sustainable, and supports a sustainable milk & beef production to feed the future in a responsible way.

Our scientific approach results in nearly 100 research papers and counting. The science belongs specific to our products and brands. Research data shows that the improvement of dairy and beef cattle performance contributes to a sustainable livestock farming.

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Acid Buf offers nutritional solutions for:

  • healthy lifetime performance for dairy cattle
  • increase production efficiency
  • lower carbon footprint in animal feed
  • reducing greenhouse gasses (GHG)
  • global agriculture sustainability goals

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